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What is a credit score? It is a score you get on a scale that ranges from 300 to 900. The higher your score, the better. Your score indicates your creditworthiness to potential lenders, banks, landlords and insurance companies.

If you have bad credit and are not able to get the right advice from your family and friends, then stop looking anymore and attend our “Bulletproof Credit” workshop. This could be the end of your search.

This course has been specifically designed for those who are in desperate need of repairing their credit score.


  • How to improve your credit score quickly and effectively.

  • How to repair your credit with proven strategies.

  • How to build “Bulletproof Credit”.

  • How small changes create a significant impact on your credit.

  • Killer mistakes you must avoid.

  • How to use your strong & effective credit to access to huge money.

  • How a late payment impact on your credit score.

  • How to keep your credit score in good standings.

  • Why bankruptcy is NOT a good idea.

  • And much more.

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