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Shahzad Ahmed
Shahzad AhmedPRESIDENT
Shahzad Ahmed is well-known for being Canada’s leading real estate expert, Elite wealth & success coach, International bestselling author, and a world-class speaker and trainer. Shahzad has written books and shared stages with Robert G. Allen, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and many others in different countries of the world such as Canada, The USA, England, Dubai & Pakistan.

Shahzad is the creator of “Free Yourself First, Be A Millionaire Later” which is a concept of replacing your current active income with passive income through real estate investments, online physical product stores, and other lucrative business opportunities. He is one of the most sought-after wealth & success Coaches and Mentors in Canada and has been featured as an expert in Canada’s top real estate magazine three years in a row.

Shahzad has trained thousands and helped hundreds of individuals and families in creating passive income for life. He is directly responsible for hundreds of success stories, many come from his students who he personally mentored. Shahzad has done over a half a billion dollars worth of real estate transactions in the last 12 years here in Canada and the USA.

Shahzad is obsessed to help others and wants to empower those who are willing to change their lives with his strong leadership, persuasive messages, and exceptional education. His mission is to touch the lives of millions of people around the world and leave a positive impact on them. He is the President of Elite Training Pros, a training company designed to help, support and mentor those who are looking to improve their lifestyle, increase income and retire from the 9-5 rat race.

During spare time, Shahzad loves to read books and listen to audios on personal growth. His favorite hobbies are photography, calligraphy and cricket. He also enjoys traveling to places which offers natural scenic views. He considers himself a shy and an extremely introvert personality.

Rinay Chand
Rinay ChandCEO
Rinay Chand has a passion for helping as many people as possible. He knows that God has put us here for a reason – to help mankind and leave behind a legacy to be cherished forever!

In 1995, Rinay immigrated to Toronto from the Fiji Islands. Rinay began his professional life as a Dental Assistant. He quickly realized this wasn’t for him since most people associate dentistry with pain and he wanted to bring happiness to people.

In 2000, Rinay, through his Father’s guidance, became involved in negotiating the sale of his family home, which made money in property appreciation and through the mortgage pay down.

Rinay quickly understood the massive potential in Real Estate. And in 2005, he jumped into the real estate industry. Since then he has been investing all over North America.

There are literally thousands of people who attribute their financial success to Rinay’s education, training and investment strategies.

He believes that part of his purpose in life is to teach people how to achieve financial success.

Rinay is an international bestselling author, keynote speaker, a success coach and a professional real estate investor who not only helps professional savvy real estate investors but also helps someone who is just starting out. He is the CEO of Elite Training Pros.

Shahzad Ahmed
Shahzad AhmedCo-Founder & Owner
Shahzad is an associated mechanical engineer by profession but chose the Real Estate industry due to his entrepreneurial mind and passion in the field. Shahzad has extensive working and training experience in different countries of the world such as Japan, Philippines, Pakistan, USA and Canada.

Shahzad loves photography and has finished professional photography courses from Humber College, Toronto, Canada. He has also completed a professional certificate course in social media marketing. He has attended several courses and seminars on personal growth development, positive thinking and leadership skills.

When not buying or selling homes, Shahzad loves to read books and listen to CDs on personal growth and positive thinking. He also enjoys travelling to places which offer natural scenic views.

Rinay Chand
Rinay ChandCo-Founder & Owner
Rinay is a dental practitioner by profession. Rinay has always been involved in community activities/services and networking with people is one of his stronger skills. His nature of helping and connecting with people brought him in to the real estate industry.

Rinay has attended several courses and seminars on positive thinking, personal growth development & financial freedom.

He is actively involved in giving back to our community. He is a member of Peaks Potential Karma Volunteer Krew “Volunteer for Children in need of treatment” for Peel Region. He volunteers for the City of Brampton.

When he is not in action on the field, he loves to read books, share ideas, watch movies & help people.